Book about the British Shorthair

by Elizabeth Evans




This little book was started in 2001, and has taken longer than expected to effect.

Among those who have supported this small venture the author's thanks go to the late D Roy Barraclough and Doreen Watts.

Also to Pat Kidd, Ursula Graves, Betty & Jeanette Knapp, the British Shorthair Cat Club committee members

and many others in the cat fancy, without whom my own journey into these beautiful cats may never have happened.


The author acknowledges that much help was found via the GCCF (UK) publications,

British BAC, FAB and from reading many books about cats from 1920 to 2002 as well as discussion with fellow breeders and especially those named above.


 The aim of this book is mainly to illustrate the British Shorthair breed.

There are many books on cat care and to reiterate would seem excessive.


Illustrations drawn by the author.


Photographs from cat's owners or friends.

Thanks to all who have so generously provided photographs of their beautiful cats

to help others see the different colours of our wonderful breed.



Chapter 1: The arrival of Catus domesticus

Chapter 2: The cat we know and admire today as a gentle giant

Chapter 3: Standard of Points

Chapter 4: Pictorial look at British breeds

Chapter 5: Cat care and a showing tip

Chapter 6: Interesting myths and legends

Chapter 7: A few more of the 'Cadifee' family