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Photo by the Bradford Telegraph & Argus,

Elizabeth and Kiselle (BIS) at Bingley show, 1992

We live in Allerton, West Yorkshire where I moved on taking a post as a Nurse Tutor in 1983, bringing Cady and Trudy with me.

I was retired for health reasons after 5 years --- so the animals, my activities as an Anglican Reader (minister),

local RCN President & secretary, also school governor x 2 and director of MASTS, and various

other interests from needlework art & music and a second degree course at Bradford Uni and more get more attention these days.


The Cadifee Cats live alongside four Trufee Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

The Trufees began with foundation bitch, Magjen True Delight of Devonia's (Trudy)arrival in October 1981

--- but she was carefully chosen with the help of my much loved cat,

Cadoca Magdalana (Cady), a tabby and white who enjoyed her days at shows and walked happily on a lead and harness

to keep her dogs in order.


As a child I did show a Wire haired terrier and did show Cavaliers a little in the few years before getting Trudy.

 After some considerable thought, careful planning, and a time of waiting the first British Shorthair arrived in 1989,

the year the prefix Cadifee also came into being thanks to the British Shorthair and Tipped Cat Club.


Today there are thirteen cats.


My stud boys:

Gr. Ch. Cadifee Bracken Lad 30

(1 Gr. C.C. and B.I.S. at the Erin 2001 --- 1 Gr. C.C. and B.I.S British N. Ireland 2003 --- !

Gr. C.C. and B.O.V. Gwynedd 2003) He also gained his 1st Irish C.C. at the SABCCI 2003.

--- Bracken had a rough time with his initial purchaser, and took some time to settle once back home with us.

He has his own pen in the penned area outside the kitchen and back door and enjoys the freedom of the house,

unless the girls are calling --- and no, he has never sprayed.

Cadifee Desiderius (15) has sired a few litters

Cadifee Ennodius run on --- good new pet home would be ideal


The Queens are:--

 Int. Gr. Ch. Sargenta Silver Soprano -- Sissie (18)

 Int. Ch. Cadifee Assumpta (30s)

Ch. Cadifee Domnina (30)

Sliabh Northernight (imp) -our lovely black tortoiseshell; NUTMEG

Has some CCs in Britain Eire



Cadifee Aquaspotroma -- Roma -- (30a) ---

Roma was less than 1 1/2 ounces at birth, and did well as a kitten, but never called and had to neutered very early to save her life.

She is a cuddly baby, and Gabby's (CKCS) best friend

 Pr. Cadifee Ash Brown -- Ash -- (30) ---

Ash stayed when returned a very nervous kitten by a purchaser butis now quite shy but will play endlessly with Sissie ----

it's okay, Ursula, he is safely neutered.

Ch. Cadifee Speklimegdalana -- Meggie (30)

Cadifee Athansia – Tansy (30s)

Both had some lovely kittens and both have titled progeny in house

Gowlaren Iamgarfield (red tabby Exotic) a very special little man known as ‘wee Georgie’

 Last, but by no means least is Cadifee Pattie Patchwork -- Pattie

--- a bundle of mischievous joy from C.P. who has done quite well in the H.P. show section.


The dogs :--


Granasil Magical Eclipse with Trufee (B/T) Gabby to her pals


Jointly owned with Mrs. Pat Holford.

Many 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, under her belt but was Res to Hetty’s 3rd at Belfast 2003.


Trufee Hera (Hetty) Persee and Gabby’s bitch puppy

--- the other three were dogs.

Hetty is a very active and happy girl and already had some Ch. Show C.K.C.S. points in 2003

as well as doing well in Any Variety Puppy classes.

The most amusing show to date was Barrowford when she and Persee successfully gained VHC in the brace class.

Aldoricka Damita to Trufee (Tri) BELLA

Already gained a few good placings

1st Puppy CKCS Hebden Bridge 2007 1st Junior CKCS Trawden 2007

Keighley points puppy winner 2007 & runner up on overall point system

Alberica Walnut Serafina to Trufee (B/T) SEFFY

This little lady arrived aged 9 months. Small fur beautiful and has had a few 2nd – 4th places at shows



Golden oldies :---


Gilbert Swithun -- a loveable ginger boy (1978-1980)

 Kresta Hannah (20) 1989-1992 She had 2 CCs.

 Cadoca Magdalana -- Cady, tabby and white 22.07.1980-1997

Best of Variety Supreme 1993

 Pr. Kresta Silver Cally (18) 1990-1998.

 Cadifee Tabitha -- a beautiful SLH brown tabby very like a Maine Coon,

who came in 1992 and died in 2001 aged approx. 14 yr.

Gr. Ch. & Gr. Pr. Kernmere Silver Lining -- Kiselle (18) 1992-2006

Gr. Ch. & Int. Gr. Pr. Cadifee Dotsabracken -- Dotty (30) 1995-2007


Magjen True Delight of Devonia (B/T)

Trudy 22.10.1981-March 1996

(Daughter of Millstone Jenny Wren) The foundation bitch of the Trufee Cavaliers.

 Trufee Jason (B/T) 10.03.1985 - 15.12.1995

 Alemap Zhanna at Trufee (B/T) Zela 18.10.1989-Feb.1997

 Trufee Media (B/T) Maddy 06.09.1992 – 15.06.2002

2nd. Vet. Bitch NCKCS Ch. BIS Toy Vet. Bolton 2000 Res. BOB Craven 2001

Best Veteran NCKCS Limit show 2002.

Trufee Perses (Ruby) Persee 1995-2007

VHC Humberside Ch & Res NCKCS 2001. BOB New Mills 1st Humberside Ch Show veteran 2002

and 2nd at the Northern 2002 and Humberside 2003 as well as other placings including a CKCS VHC

at Belfast and AV Veteran VHC at Leeds 2003.


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